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FAQs –


Q.  Who is NanoTech ?

A.  NanoTech started out in 2014, with the aim of providing quality screen protector at affordable price. Through the years, the company has sold more than 2 million pieces with an A rating reviews from our customers.

Q.  What is the type of screen protector available to choose from ?

A.  Technologies, processes and materials have evolved so much and, with endless research and improvement. We are now provide 5 type of choices; hydrogel film, tempered glass, Fusion glass and our pride product, NanoTech ForceShield.

Q.  How are they different from one another ?

A.  Hydrogel is extremely thin and flexible, with minor self healing. Tempered glass is scratch resistance, high clarity and 9H hardness. Fusion consist of tempered glass for display and carbon fiber for edges. ForceShield offer protection similar to tempered glass, but it is anti-shatter.

Q.  Will they cover the whole screen ?

A.  We have Non-full coverage screen protector (ForceShield & Classic fit) and full coverage screen protector. Non-full coverage will NOT cover the whole screen. Full coverage will provide coverage for the whole screen.

Q.  How long will they last ?

A.  This depends on daily usage and condition. We have customer who bought and use for years, and still in great condition. For most durable sceen protector on average, we will recommend ForceShield. 


Q.  Is ForceShield screen protector really that good ?

A. We have lab test against multiple branded screen protector and of different material as well. The result is why we are confident that ForceShield is the best screen protector we recommended.

 Account & Order Q & A’s 

Q.  How safe is your website

A.  This website has been created using Shopify who are one of the biggest on line store tool providers in the world. You’ll also note the padlock and ‘https’ at the top of your browser just like banks have. And lastly McAfee have verified this site as safe.

Q.  Can I have discount for bulk purchase ?

A.  Yes. Send a message through to us and we’ll get back to you with a delivery time and cost.

Q.  What if you’ve run out of stock ?

A.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable but stock will typically be replaced within two week.

Q.  I have input the wrong product/ address !

A.  You may email us for change of address or product before your order is fulfill. 

Q.  How secure are my credit card and personal details ?

A.  This website is powered by Shopify who handle the credit and debit card information you provide. Shopify comply with all 6 categories of the International Security Standard PCI DSS for handling credit and debit card information.

Q.  What do you need my email address for ?

A.  Your email address is used to automatically send order and shipping updates to you.

Q.  How can I track my order / where is it ?

A.  The order/shipping update emailed to you should include tracking information (if available). If your order hasn’t arrived on time please drop us a line so we can chase up for you.

Q.  I found a carrier cheaper than Singpost - why don’t you use them instead ?

A.  We’ve previously used several cheaper carriers all of whom have let me down with either lost or damaged deliveries. To date Singpost have a higher delivery record and that’s priceless for any business’ reputation.

Q.  On arrival my parcel and contents are damaged - what should I do ?

A.  Please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order with a description of the damage and photos so we can arrange replacement parts and organise a claim with the carrier.

Q.  The screen protector is damaged or defective or not as described !

A.  Being a small business we take pride in checking and testing each batch to ensure that when you take delivery it is ready to apply. However mistakes can happen so within 14 days of receiving your order you must contact us with a description of the problem with accompanying photos. We may then be able to rectify the problem without necessitating a return and full refund. 


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