About Nanotech


Humble beginnings:

Founded in 2014, pending the revolutionary launch of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. It kick-started the popular trend of large screen smartphones and tempered glass screen protectors was coming into trend. 

Mr Russell Ong, founder and CEO of Nanotech Screen Protector (formerly known as Nanotech Tempered Glass), saw an opportunity to provide the market with something they did not know they needed: Oleophobic-coated tempered glass screen protector that gives your screen that clear high-definition look with its waterproof and anti-smudge quality finishing. Nanotech Screen Protector pioneered the online market by procuring and distributing Singapore’s first batch of nano-coated tempered glass screen protectors to solve a problem that all smartphone users dreaded - smudges and sticky fingerprints that was irremovable.

With an enthusiastic determination to put that unhygienic and unsightly mobile screens a thing of the past, Nanotech Screen Protector began to source, procure and distribute its specially coated glass on online marketplace platforms. We started out providing high quality glass for a limited selection of phone models; and with a rise in demand, we increased our inventory and team size to meet the demand.

In September 2014, right at the beginning of it all, Apple announced the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. With that, Nanotech serviced a total of ten thousand in the month before the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Thus, confirming what Mr Ong suspected: this solution is much needed. Hence, the local Singapore brand Nanotech Screen Protector was born.

Since then, efforts were continually poured into every single piece of glass that is being sent out to our valuable customers, from product quality, to aesthetics, to user experience on installation; all because of Mr Ong’s unwillingness to compromise on quality. “We pay thousands of dollars for our mobile devices, why should we scrimp on quality for what protects our device?”, Mr Ong often said to the team.

It begin with a simple yet effective clear glass protector that withstands impacts from drops and knocks, to providing that anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint aesthetics and functionality. Nanotech begin to source and provide multi-use glasses such as our Signature Fine Matte, Light Privacy, and Forceshield.

A leap forward to 1 year since its incorporation, Nanotech Screen Protector is widely recognized and well-received by its users locally; something evident with our monthly delivery of fifteen thousand glasses and topping best seller rankings on marketplace platforms consistently.

Nanotech.sg Pte Ltd was incorporated in September 2015 - and has since been selling a wide range of mobile accessories exclusively online; extending the same values we had when we first began to every single product we source.

Till date, we have sold over 2 million screen protectors, and Nanotech will continue to protect your mobile devices indefinitely.

Our Goal:

To be the #1 trusted screen protector brand in Singapore.