Warranty Returns

Nanotech® UV Liquid Full Adhesive Glass 

  • Nanotech® UV Liquid Full Adhesive Glass are entitled to 30 days warranty. 
  • The warranty covers defect before installation, lift ups, bubbles and consistent fingerprint compatible failure.
  • Product warranty is deemed invalid if tempered glass is crack or scratch after installation.
  • Warranty claim must be back by proof of purchase (receipt, order number) 
  • Warranty claim must be claim at Nanotech® office.
  • Warranty can be only claimed once. Once claimed, the warranty period will be void.
  • We will not be responsible of any product purchase through an unauthorized reseller. If the product is bought from unauthorized reseller, warranty of the product will be deemed invalid.

Nanotech® ForceShield

  • Nanotech® Forceshield are entitled to 60 days warranty.
  • The warranty covers lift ups, cracked Forceshield.
  • Product warranty provides a 20% OFF for a replacement Forceshield screen protector.
  • Warranty claim must be back by proof of purchase (receipt, order number) 
  • Warranty can be only claimed once per full price purchased. Once claimed, the warranty period will be void.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Our support team may require a receipt or other proof of purchase to complete your claim
  • Nanotech® will not be responsible for cracks/bubbles/scratches caused due to poor/incorrect installation on buyer's part.
  • Protective adhesive layer have to remain on the screen protector for exchange.
  • All refund/return/exchange cases have to be back up with photo evidence.
  • Nanotech® screen protector are consider as consumable products. 


  • Any item returns must be approved by Nanotech® personal before being send back.
  • If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it in perfect condition together with the original packaging to us. However, shipping costs for the products to be return are non-refundable and non claimable.
  • For damaged or flawed items, you may return it in the same condition you received with the original packaging. We will only cover the shipping fee for re-sending of replacement items.


Please note that:

  • Shipping and handling fee are NON-REFUNDABLE both ways.
  • Replacement products CANNOT be returned for a refund.
  • Return shipping costs WILL NOT be covered.
  • Purchases made from our resellers, buyer must contact their respective seller for returns.