Q.  What is NanoTech Screen Protector?

A.  NanoTech Screen Protector is a screen protector brand that started out in 2014 in Singapore, with the aim of providing quality and easy to install screen protectors at a fair affordable price. Through the years, the company has sold more than 2 million pieces with 5 star rating reviews from our customers.


Q.  What kind of screen protectors are available?

A.  Our Screen Protector products are classified into FOUR MAIN categories:

1) Classic Fit -

Non-full coverage design for armour casing users


2) Full Coverage Fit -

Full coverage design for a complete aesthetic finishing and full screen protection


3) Hydrogel Film -

For use with curved screen displays like Samsung Note 10+ or Huawei's P40 Pro. Affordable and durable protection for users with a good protective phone casing.


4) Full Adhesive UV glue Curved Edge Tempered Glass

Nanotech's premium design screen protector for curved screen display users who wish to have full coverage screen protection with high definition and high quality aesthetic finishing with oleo-phobic properties. 


B.  Within each MAIN category, we provide different variations of screen protectors:

1) Clear HD - 

Clear high definition finishing with 100% touch screen sensitivity and oleo-phobic coated.


2) Fine Matte -

Matte anti-glare, Non-pixellated, High definition matte finishing to retain the HD quality of your screen. HD, Anti-smudge and oleo-phobic.


3) Light Privacy -

Oleo-phobic, High definition glass, lightly tinted to retain the original brightness of your screen while enjoying the privacy feature.


4) 3D Fusion -

Oleo-phobic and high definition glass fused together with a shock absorbent edge to prevent corner chips and cracks - suitable for users that do not use a phone casing as it is not casing friendly.


 5) Anti-Bluelight -

Find yourself using your mobile smart device for more than 30 mins a session throughout the day? Protect your eyes with Nanotech Anti-Bluelight screen protector which blocks out 90% of harmful Blue light rays that is emitted from your mobile device. This variation is highly reccomended for big screen devices like tablets and plus size mobile devices like the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note series.

This Variation comes with a slight yellowish/green tint that is meant to filter out the harmful blue light emitting from your device. It has oleophobic and high definition properties


6) Anti-Bluelight + Matte - 

Currently only exclusive to the iPhone series (iPhone X series to iPhone 11 Series). If you want an Anti-Bluelight screen protector that not only protects your eyes but you frequently use your device outdoors? This is the perfect variation for you. Anti glare, anti-smudge, oleophobic, HD and Anti-Bluelight properties all in one screen protector. This is the best combination you can ever find in a screen protector! 



Q.  How long will a Nanotech Screen Protector last ?

A.  We recommend a change of screen protector every 4 - 6 months for the most optimal screen protection. However, if you are a careful user and your Nanotech Screen Protector is undamaged after 3 to 4 months, you do not need to get a replacement! Some of us in the Nanotech Screen Protector team can use a well maintained screen protector for up to 2 years! 

Be sure to wipe down your screen protector with a wet cloth from time to time to maintain the high definition aesthetics of your mobile device screen! 


Q.  Is ForceShield screen protector really that good ?

A. Nanotech Forceshield is made out of a fusion of high grade shock absorbent TPU+PET plastic film that makes up into a 0.2mm thick film protector that has a finishing very similar to a Classic Fit (non-full coverage) screen protector. The result is an anti-shatter, anti-shock, durable high quality screen protector that will never break because it is not made out of tempered glass!

Nanotech Forceshield is highly recommended for the rugged, high intensity active lifestyle whereby your smart phone or tablet device is exposed to many dings, knocks and drops. Best compatible with a good quality armored casing for the ultimate protection! Protect your expensive high tech mobile device today! 


Account & Order FAQ 

Q.  How safe is your website

A.  This website is powered by Shopify who is one of the biggest online e-commerce service provider in the world. You’ll also note the padlock and ‘https’ at the top of your browser which shows that our site is secure. And lastly McAfee have verified this site as safe.

Alternatively, our contact information and company information is displayed in the Contact Us section where you can reach us for any kind of clarification.

Q.  Can I have discount for bulk purchase ?

A.  Yes. Send a message to us through our email, whatsapp or facebook messenger and we’ll get back to you with a delivery time and cost.

Q.  What if you’ve run out of stock ?

A.  Do not worry! We understand your need to get the right protection of your smart mobile device as soon as possible! Get in touch with us immediately through our Contact Us page and we will inform you on the time period in which our stocks will be available again for you to purchase.

Q.  I have input the wrong product/ address !

A.  Get in touch with us immediately through our email: enquiry@nanotechsg.com. alternatively, Contact Us

Provide us with your e-invoice and order number and we will make changes to your delivery details.

Q.  How secure are my credit card and personal details ?

A.  We do not have access to your payment information as we only allow users to pay through the following payment trust-able gateways:

1) Shop Pay (powered by Shopify: https://shop.app/what-shop-does)

2) Google Pay

3) Paypal

Q.  How long is the order fulfillment time?

A. 1-3 working days for local orders. you may Contact Us for any clarifications pertaining to your order at anytime. 

As for international orders, the fulfillment time for any order will be 3 working days. Our warehouse is located in Singapore, therefore shipping time will vary from 5 days to 21 days depending on the destination location. 

Q.  How can i access my order information?

A.  You may access your order information here: https://www.nanotechsg.com/account

We strongly encourage you to sign up a user account with us so that you can trace and track orders, access order history and store your shipping information for convenience on future purchases. Alternatively, an email with your order information will be sent to the appointed email. You may access your order information through the notification email. 

Contact Us if you have any clarifications to make about your purchase with us. 

Q.  Upon receiving my parcel, the contents are damaged or defective or not as described ! What should I do ?

A.  Please Contact Us within 14 days of receiving your order with a description of the damage/ defect/wrong item and photo proof so we can arrange a free replacement package for you. 

Q. How can I cancel or change my order after purchase?
As long as your parcel is not yet shipped out, Contact Us to make adjustments to your order.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
Refunds will only be offered under the circumstance of faulty or defective products received. However, do allow us to remedy the situation with you through a free replacement in the event of a faulty of defective product received. Contact Us here.


If you have any more clarifications, Contact Us!